Anita may have been getting threats because she committed a crime against someone. Don’t forget this woman’s “project” was made from scamming and stealing. One incident she advocated to murder someone, and she defended that cheater and alleged rapist Zoe Quinn. It’s not right to be threatened, but don’t assume it’s just a bunch of dudebros who can’t handle criticism in gaming. Anita has a borderline criminal history that keeps getting side-eyed. 


i LOVE Feminism. Why isnt everyone Feminists? Maybe because some people are just Stupid. I am a Feminist.I love girls. Any women out there want to hang out with me sometime? Just kidding, you dont have to feel obligated to date me. I’m a Feminist though by the way




wow he is so amazing looking up feminism on his phone and he’s also wearing pink towel I love him already

omg fuck me Kev. Raw my ass with no lube …Honestly

update: we fucked but his dick small af….i told him to go deeper and he ran outta dick …but he a feminist


slams head on desk

so i was editing my clem photo for facebook and this cool thing happened






So, I don’t know if it’s in the water, but a town just a few miles from here has been living up to the second worst stereotype of the south.

A brother and sister were bangin’ in a church parking lot three days ago. Their excuse? They just watched the notebook.

Same town, in the paper today, some dude with bangin’ his 14 year old cousin.

All are in jail now…

i can’t believe the brother watched the notebook.

Man I sure do love Nintendo products.


brocks fuckiing eyes ARE YIU SERIYOUS

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